Directed countless Television productions (in excess of 19,000 minutes of screen-air-broadcast time) including the following genres: Crime, Family, Drama, Soap, Telenovella. Gained a reputation for innovation, craft and a strong sense of cinematic storytelling.

















Accomplished in the staging of 2 or more cameras. Wide-ranging knowledge and expertise in the the dramaturgical treatment and development of screenplays. Proven abilities in the punctual realization of a shooting schedule. Extensive practical and hands-on experience in the staging, guidance and directing of actors. Comprehensive knowledge in the development and definition of audio-visual concepts.

Canadian, fluent in English and German, get by in French. Have worked internationally including in U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Greenland, Iceland, Morocco etc. Studied/graduated from the University of Western Ontario. AD’d for Kari Skogland, Ousama Rawi, Bill Irish, Xaver Schwarzenberger a.o. Directing since 1995.


Selection of Scenes from:

Soko Wien, Marienhof, Sturm der Liebe, Ein Ferienhaus in Marrakesch


Production Companies I have worked for:

Bavaria Film GmbH, Munich. Satel Film, Vienna. Prosaar Film, Berlin. Phoenix Film, Berlin. NFP, Berlin. Media Team Production, Munich. Nova Film, Berlin. Partners, Toronto. Skogland Film, Toronto. Rawi-Sherman Film Production, Toronto. Circle Films, Toronto. SWR TV, Baden-Baden, Germany. ARD TV, Munich-Berlin-Kologne-Hamburg. ZDF TV, Mainz, Germany. ORF TV, Vienna